Haku (decadent_pastry) wrote in 4theloveofkami,

Fresh Meat~!!

Hi~ I'm new here. Of course.

I've been a Kami fan for a short while, about 3 years, but I only found this comm now.

I roleplay Kami in an RP community, and such... I'm also in the middle of writing up a Kami fic, which is going to be a first for me. ^^;; *never quite writes JUST Kami*

So, yeah. My personal tribute to Kami is when I write about him. Positively. Like this. It's a Kami/Mana fic, but no way is it Yaoi.  ^^;

^^ Be back in a week or two with the first chapter and prologue of my Kami story~! ^^
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