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4theloveofkami's Journal

For The Love Of The Butterfly
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New and Updated Community info and Rules AGAIN.. January 6th, 2005

This is (from what I can gather) the first community dedicated solely to Kami, the former drummer and now sadly deceased member of Malice Mizer.

In this community please feel free to post absolutely anything you want as long as a thread of it can be traced back to Kami.
If you want to post Fanfiction, go for it!
Fanart? GREAT!
General topics of conversation? Oh yes please!

You're welcome and encouraged to anything and everything you please in here as long as it can be traced to Kami somehow.
The ONLY EXCEPTION to this rule is sobbing entries about how much you loved Kami and still love Kami and how he meant everything to you.

I got spat on alot when first starting this community as people thought it was going to be a bunch of fangirls getting together to sob over the death of Kami. That is not my intention what so ever and I have a difficult time keeping the reputation of this community clean because people are prone to post like that.

If you DO put something up like that, be prepared to have people in general PLUS myself ask you to stop and/or remove your post entirely.
You're welcome to express sadness that he died, but use some common sense about it.

I'm tired of having to reiterate this to people and I'm probably going to end up hurting a few members feelings. But I know the bulk of people in the community will be much happier if I start cracking down a bit harder.

So I repeat for one last time: This community is not for fangirling and sobbing about Kami's death. We are not here to mourn. Kami died and it's very sad but this is not the place to go into hysterics about it. Let's keep it light and happy in here. If your post doesn't fit or comply with the rules, it will be removed. fin.


1. Absolutely NO flaming. You do it once, you will be banned.
2. Images larger then 200x200 should be put behind an LJ cut. (Note: This applies from June 22nd, 2004 onwards, anything already posted outside of the parameters can stay the way it is.()
3. Fanfiction should be behind an LJ cut as well, and labelled with the pairing, title, and rating.
4. Gossip and rumours... this is a fine line. While I see nothing wrong with asking "Is this correct information" about something, please try and use good judgement about charing in and post "This is what I heard!! What do you think?" It's the difference between curiousity and gossip. Let's try not to gossip.
5. Please do not post and ask people to tell you where to find Kami's grave. If it was meant to be public knowledge it would be by now. If you post this question, I will delete your post without warning. No exceptions.
6. Have FUN!!!

Community Moderator: thefiyaah I have a mostly friends locked journal, but you can leave me a message here in the community or in response to the friends only banner on my personal journal if you like. :)